A Women’s Wellness Gathering

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A Women’s Wellness Tea Party

To kick off the new year (and new decade!), Kristen Norton, Healios co-founder, hosted Your Best YOU, a women’s wellness tea party and cannabis conversation. The idea behind the event was to celebrate her new role as a co-leader of Ellementa Long Island, and bring local women together to have an open forum discussion about plant-based medicine and how it impacts our brains and bodies. Our meeting was designed to gain knowledge, share wisdom, and ultimately feel better. (If you’re not familiar with Ellementa, they’re a women-owned company formed to connect women with trusted information, a supportive community, and reliable resources focused on the health and wellness benefits of cannabis, and we’re so delighted to be joining forces with them!)

Our Cannabis Conversation

After gathering together in a circle, Kristen kicked things off by introducing herself and sharing her personal experience with finding relief from a 20-year battle with fibromyalgia by using premium hemp tinctures and how that inspired the creation of Healios CBD. Alicia Salazar, co-leader of Ellementa Long Island, spoke about her private practice as a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner and certified Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach. Her practice integrates  supportive techniques for clients to implement nutrition and lifestyle changes in order to balance the endocannabinoid system. And so it went! Each woman took a turn discussing her individual experiences with cannabis and CBD.

The conversation sparked questions like:

  • What is the endocannabinoid system, and how does CBD affect it? (More on that here!)
  • What strains of cannabis are non-anxiety producing? (Leafly is a very cool resource for discovering strains according to the way you want to feel!)
  • How do you integrate CBD and/or cannabis into your healthy lifestyle? Into your family’s healthy lifestyle? (We love including CBD as part of our waking up and bedtime routines, and find it delicious in smoothies & shakes!)
  • How can you tell a good product from the junky stuff? (Transparent lab results are a key indicator.)
  • What’s actually going on with federal and state regulations? (More on that here and it continues to unfold, state by state.)
  • When is cannabis considered marijuana? (Cannabis products containing less than 0.3% THC are not considered marijuana, while anything containing 0.3% or more THC is considered marijuana and is still a controlled substance by the federal government.)

Everyone brought unique perspectives and concerns to the table, from a young woman in college discussing the vaping trend that’s currently so popular amongst her peers, to a mother who successfully used cannabis to alleviate her daughter’s painful symptoms from a chronic illness, to a grandmother interested in CBD’s potential to help her autistic grandchild. Kristen also covered the importance of the “start low & go slow” principle: that is to say, it’s better to start with a low dosage of CBD and gently taper up from there if you need to at all! It’s why we offer four different dosages of our CBD Hemp Drops.

As we chatted, we also sipped delicious CBD smoothies and botanical-infused iced teas from Má, and everyone went home with a swag bag of products from Healios CBD, including some new products soon-to-be launched!

You’re Invited!

Every month, Kristen and Alicia will host gatherings at Healios CBD and across Long Island. Each gathering will feature unique topics designed for women. Our next event will be at Healios on February 13th, 2020 from 6:00-8:00 PM featuring Alison Barkman, a Licenced Dietitian. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, she’ll be discussing Intuitive Eating – Loving Yourself Through Food.

Do you want to stay in touch for future events? Follow us on Facebook, and join our group, where we have regular discussions about all things CBD, hemp, and healing.

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