Healios CBD is Your Best Option

We offer cutting-edge, organic, PCR hemp products. We are a family-owned business operated by Kristen & Michael Norton, created for you and your family. We were driven to build a fully transparent company for wellness-minded people to discover and enjoy hemp products of the highest available quality, after being inspired by our own firsthand experiences with naturally-occuring hemp extract products.

What is in our CBD?

At Healios CBD, the difference is in the purity of our products. We’re passionate about the quality of the pharmaceutical-grade, phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) premium hemp extract we use, grown by our supplier in Colorado farmland and greenhouses, and monitored under a rigorous quality control process.

Because we believe in being transparent about our business practices, we provide these downloadable lab results to assure our customers of our organically grown, non-GMO, completely gluten-free cannabidiol (CBD) products, which contain zero THC, pesticides, metals, or harsh chemicals.


Product Innovation

  • Our goal is to be on the forefront of this industry and introduce new and cutting edge products and technology as they become available while meeting industry standards.
  • committed to partnering with leaders in the industry who have cutting edge Advanced Nano-Emulsion Technology and Laboratory Testing.
  • Healios CBD products are better for bioavailability and absorption which will allow the consumer to use less product with the better results. The products are fully compliant with state and federal regulation and are committed to continuous laboratory testing.


A main goal of Healios CBD is to continue to form Partnerships with like-minded members and businesses in the community to allow us a company to learn, grow, and then share these connections with all of you. We realize our business of providing you with premium CBD products is just one piece of the greater picture. By forming partnerships in the health and wellness industry, we can begin to support ourselves in mind, body and spirit.


Becoming the Long Island Co-leader of Ellementa, a Woman’s Network focused on health, wellness and cannabis with Alicia Salazar,  Health Coach and CBD Specialist, has been a highlight for us this past year.  Each month we host a variety of events that highlights a topic important to women. We have been able to connect with a network of some of the brightest minds in the health, wellness and, cannabis space.  Check out our social media pages for upcoming events.

Local Farms

We have met and built relationships with local farms. We look forward to gathering sunflower seeds at the end of each season to use for our Healios CBD Sunflower Project.

Local Business

We believe in supporting and collaborating with other family-owned businesses. Healios CBD is committed to building these strong relationships with other health and wellness businesses to give our customers options for every part of their lives!


Our product supplier is the leading pioneer in the Hemp Industry and the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of Phytocannabinoid-rich full spectrum hemp Our Sources products.