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Pet Bliss Chews

Bacon Flavor

2mg CBD Pet Chews

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    Reviews (3)


    When should I order more CBD?
    We encourage you to place an order when half of your CBD is gone, as this will prevent any gaps in your supply.


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    We ship everywhere in the United States (including Hawaii & Alaska). We do not ship internationally at this time.

    Reviews (3)

    3 reviews for Pet Bliss CBD Chews

    1. Jess

      Our dog is an Australian shepherd, which is known for being a very high-energy breed. With all that energy also comes a lot of anxiety, and even though we’ve tried extra exercising, play time, and training, my partner and I could never seem to help him feel less nervous or triggered by things like motorcycle sounds and delivery people. Well, we’ve been giving him one CBD pet chew a day for the last two months, and I am happy to say that our doggo is much more receptive to training during those trigger moments. He’s also a calmer, happier guy in general without any diminishment of his playfulness or sweet personality. IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT! ?

    2. Thomas Ollquist

      Our Dog Reggie is 12 years old, and he has slowed down a good deal over the past year. He is a Finnish Spitz, a very active and energetic breed.
      Over the past few months his activity level and his mobility noticeably improved – after we began giving him Pet Bliss CBD chews daily. The improvement is really significant.
      Great thanks to Mike and Kristen of Healios for helping our buddy Reggie feel better!

    3. Cindy R

      Our dog Hatty is a 6 year old black lab who was apparently born to chase tennis balls. After a day of chasing balls on land and in the lake she could not even get in or out of her favorite chair at night. We started giving her CBD chews on her days of high activity and it made a remarkable difference. No trouble getting in her chair at night.
      I would highly recommend for high activity days or if your older pet is showing signs of mobility trouble.

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