10mg CBD Restorative Face Mask

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10mg Restorative Face Mask

Containing Nano-emulsified Premium Hemp + Natural Plant Extracts

(1) 2-Piece

Net Wt. 30g (1.05 oz)

SKU: restorative-full-spectrum-hemp-oil-infused-face-mask

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    Reviews (4)


    When should I order more CBD?
    We encourage you to place an order when half of your CBD is gone, as this will prevent any gaps in your supply.


    Where do you deliver?
    We ship everywhere in the United States (including Hawaii & Alaska). We do not ship internationally at this time.

    Reviews (4)

    4 reviews for 10mg CBD Restorative Face Mask

    1. Britt Ellis

      In the past couple of months I switched my birth control, and every month before my period I break out completely, which is horrible for someone who has had clear skin their entire life. I use these face masks right before bed without wiping it off or washing my face after (and I put the left over mask on my back and keep that on overnight) and the next morning any pimples I have are minimized by 50% and all redness is gone. I also suffer from dry skin that gets too oily when I put lotion on and these face masks so far have moisturized my skin just the right amount! I would definitely recommend!!

    2. Courtney D

      the face mask made my skin smooth and healthy! Better than a spa treatment. I highly recommend.

    3. Cyprus diving

      We are a family run dive centre in Cyprus, we love your content.

    4. Leah

      After I went off my birth control, my skin freaked out and my new hormonal acne has been a struggle to manage for the last few months. Then I got these masks… I used them twice in 24 hours and my scarring has essentially vanished! I also had a really painful zit starting on my chin and the mask totally calmed it down and diminished its size literally overnight. I highly recommend these. They have worked great on my hormonal acne and overall skin tone!

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