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Whether it’s a DM on Insta or someone popping into our shop, the question we get most often (well, after “So what exactly is CBD?”) is, “How do I choose the CBD product that’s right for me?”

So we decided to create this handy little quiz to help you decide exactly that! Luckily, it’s the type of quiz you don’t have to study for (our favorite kind). Here’s how it works: first, grab a piece of paper and a pen (or, you know, just open the Notes app on your phone). Read each question, then select the answer that feels most accurate to your personality. Be sure to keep track of all your answers – you’ll tally them up at the end.

Take the Quiz

  1. It’s Friday night! You mostly want to:
    1. Netflix & chill.
    2. Hit the gym-it’s the best way to blow off steam.
    3. Soak in a bubble bath.
    4. Go somewhere I’ve never been before, even a new restaurant will do the trick.
  2. Your favorite thing to do with friends is:
    1. Doesn’t matter-as long as I’m with my favorite people, it’s all good.
    2. Hike the nearest mountain.
    3. Scour vintage shops for great finds.
    4. Hit the road for a long weekend out of town.
  3. Bucket list time: if you could go anywhere in the world, it would be:
    1. The beach.
    2. Well, I’ve always wanted to climb Mt. Everest . . . 
    3. Paris, bien sur!
    4. “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”
  4. It’s bedtime. Your nightly routine consists of:
    1. Brushing my teeth and hitting the sack. That’s it.
    2. First I have a carbohydrate & protein snack. Then I brush, floss, rinse, and do a 20-minute stretching routine to keep up my flexibility. I go to bed at the exact same time every single night to maximize my reaction times, and the Greatest of All Time is permanently on my nightstand.
    3. I remove my makeup, wash with my fave gentle cleanser & toner duo, apply eye cream, and then use an all-over moisturizer on the rest of my face and décolletage. Also: I dry brush my entire body.
    4. Dammit, did I pack my toothbrush?
  5. Your preferred morning beverage is:
    1. A cup of joe, hold the milk & sugar, in my favorite to-go cup.
    2. Nothing for me, thanks. I only chew caffeinated gum before marathons.
    3. Looseleaf chai latte with oat milk, please.
    4. Whatever the locals are drinking.
  6. When it comes to taking supplements, you:
    1. Keep it pretty simple-just my daily multivitamin, and maybe some Emergen-C if I feel a cold coming on.
    2. Have an entire cabinet dedicated to both pre- and post-workout protein powders.
    3. Add some collagen to my shakes & smoothies sometimes-I’ve heard it’s good for your hair and nails!
    4. Have the travel size versions permanently packed in my toiletry bag, ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  7. If you could sum up your style in just a few words:
    1. If it’s clean, I’m wearing it.
    2. Technical gear for my active lifestyle.
    3. All over the map: sometimes super-glam, other times messy bun + yoga clothes.
    4. Easy apparel that coordinates well and packs easily.

Healios CBD Collection

How to Tally Your Score

Mostly 1’s: CBD Newbie 

Welcome to the wonderful world of CBD! Cannabidiol products affect the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS. Research has revealed that the ECS is responsible for maintaining and controlling the body’s homeostasis – it other words, it balances and regulates every system in your body. 

Since you’re just starting to dabble with hemp, we recommend the Starter Kit. The Starter Kit comes with our 250mg Daily Radiance Hemp Drops and our Sunpower Energy Elixir drink mix. Begin your morning with 1-2 full droppers of Daily Radiance Drops under your tongue: Our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract is the most effective way to achieve optimum bioavailability and absorption – plus it’s made with organic peppermint essential oil, so it leaves a fresh taste. After a challenging workout or a mid-afternoon energy wane, just dissolve one packet of Sunpower Energy Elixir into 8-12 oz of water for a boost that’ll help you focus and recover.

Mostly 2’s: CBD Athlete

Whether on the mat, track, or court, you’re crushing it – so your recovery products need to work as hard as you play. Our Deep Relief Patch and Deep Relief+ Hemp Drops promote the balance, energy, and presence needed for optimizing athletic training and performance. Whether you’re a bit more sore then usual, or need a higher concentration of hemp extract due to a recent strain, our easy to use Patch can be applied daily for up to 8 hours. And if you’re that person who knows hemp drops already work or think a high strength would be better for you, our 1250mg, 0.0% THC phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract drops can give you the quick results you need from your CBD products.

Mostly 3’s: CBD Beauty 

We’ve always believed that beauty is about how you feel, not just how you look – and it sounds like you do, too! The Healios CBD Beauty Bundle is all about the self-care and loving maintenance of your body, on the inside and out. The bundle includes our 500mg Daily Radiance+ Drops, Sunflower Relief Salve, and Restorative Face Mask. Just 1-2 full droppers of Daily Radiance+ Drops every morning promotes energy and radiance, and our Sunflower Relief Salve helps lessen discomfort by targeting muscle soreness, restoring balance to your body. Finish the day with our Restorative Face Mask, which fights free radicals, reduces signs of fatigue, and promotes hydration with its nourishing properties.

Mostly 4’s: CBD Traveler

Travel a lot? For business travelers and vacationers alike, the Healios CBD Travel Kit is the perfect partner whether you’re on the road or in the sky. When energy wanes mid-afternoon, just dissolve one packet of Sunpower Energy Elixir into 8-12 oz of water for a boost of energy and focus. Before bed, use our Restorative Face Mask for nourishing your skin after long days spent in the sun (or under fluorescent lights). And just one of our Deep Sleep Soft Gels will help you sink into the restful sleep needed so you can wake up feeling fresh and energized.

Of course, this quiz is just for fun, and is not intended to diagnose or treat illnesses. Please consult with your primary care physician if you’re unsure whether taking CBD is right for you. Want a more personalized experience? Visit us in store! We’d love to chat with you about your specific needs, all things cannabidiol, and how our organic products might benefit you.

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